To our valued friends, neighbors, and customers:

Our primary concern will always be the health and safety of our guests and team members. We will continue to follow the hygiene guidelines and protocols from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) in addition we promise to fallow the regulations of the NYC Department of Health and Pasha Turkish Restaurant's own high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

To view our menu, hours, and other info  updated regularly, please visit us our site If you'd like to place an order for pickup/ delivery by phone, see below for our contact info ands our hours:

70 west 71st street

11am–10:30pm (Mon-Sun)


We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Pasha Turkish Restaurant

70 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023

Mezeler – Appetizers

hummus   9.95
hummus 9.95

Puree of chickpeas mixed with sesame tahini, fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

piyaz   9.95
piyaz 9.95

Cannelini beans tossed with sweet onions, scallions, parsley, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

tarama salata   9.95
tarama salata 9.95

Red caviar whipped with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Cacik  7.95
Cacik 7.95

Homemade chilled yogurt with shaved cucumber, mint and a touch of garlic.

Mücver  9.95
Mücver 9.95

Baked zucchini and dill pancakes, served with homemade creamy yogurt.

Sigara Böregi  9.95
Sigara Böregi 9.95

Pan fried crispy phyllo dough filled with feta cheese, parsley and dill.

Yaprak Sarmasi  9.95
Yaprak Sarmasi 9.95

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants, fresh dill and mint.

Soslu Patlican  9.95
Soslu Patlican 9.95

Cubes of spicy eggplant tossed with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Kalamar Tava 14.95
Kalamar Tava 14.95

Crispy calamari served with a light garlic sauce.

Patlican Salatasi  9.95
Patlican Salatasi 9.95

Charcoal grilled eggplant mashed and tossed with garlic, lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil.

Imam Bayildi  9.95
Imam Bayildi 9.95

Baby eggplant stuffed with sweet onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, parsley & pine nuts.

Zeytinyagli Enginar 9.95
Zeytinyagli Enginar 9.95

Fresh artichokes braised in lemon juice and olive oil with garden peas, potatoes and carrots.

Manti  12.95
Manti 12.95

Home made steamed dumplings filled with ground lamb and fresh mint, drizzled with a light garlic yogurt sauce.( Large 18.95)

Ahtapot Salatasi  16.95
Ahtapot Salatasi 16.95

Warm Octopus tossed with red onion, diced tomatoes, green olives, fresh dill, parsley and balsamic dressing.

Beyaz Peynir  8.95
Beyaz Peynir 8.95

Thick slice of imported feta cheese slightly grilled, sprinkled with paprika, and served with tomatoes

Coban Salata  8.95
Coban Salata 8.95

(Shepherd’s salad) Chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, tender long green peppers, red onions and parsley tossed with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.( Large 12.95 )

Marul Salata   9.95
Marul Salata 9.95

Romaine lettuce , fresh dill, scallions and crumbled feta cheese with lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil.

Roka Salata   9.95
Roka Salata 9.95

Fresh baby arugula, shaved Kasseri cheese, cherry tomatoes with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Ana Yemekler – Entrees

Tavuk Sis 18.95
Tavuk Sis 18.95

Marinated cubes of chicken grilled on a skewer with sweet bell peppers served with rice pilaf.

Tavuk Adana  19.95
Tavuk Adana 19.95

Finely chopped chicken, seasoned with spices and herbs, charcoal grilled on a skewer, and served with rice pilaf.

Tavuk Gögsü Sarmasi   22.95
Tavuk Gögsü Sarmasi 22.95

Marinated chicken breast stuffed with rice, pistachios, pine nuts, diced sweet bell pepper and currants, served on a bed of sautéed spinach with white wine tarragon sauce.

Istim Kebab  26.95
Istim Kebab 26.95

Lamb shank braised with tomatoes and onions, wrapped in eggplant slices, served with rice pilaf.

Yogurtlu Kebab  23.95
Yogurtlu Kebab 23.95

Slices of grilled lamb, served on a bed of homemade pita and yogurt, and topped with tomato sauce.

Etli Yaprak Sarmasi  19.95
Etli Yaprak Sarmasi 19.95

Grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb, rice, tomatoes, mint and herbs, served over homemade yogurt sauce.

Kuzu Pirzola   38.95
Kuzu Pirzola 38.95

Grilled Colorado baby lamb chops sprinkled with oregano, served with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Hünkar Begendi   24.95
Hünkar Begendi 24.95

Cubes of baby lamb cooked in tomato sauce with rosemary and oregano, served over charcoal roasted eggplant puree.

Sebzeli Güveç   16.95
Sebzeli Güveç 16.95

Green beans, eggplant, zucchini, okra and celery roots baked with tomatoes in an earthenware casserole served with rice pilaf.

Alabalik Tava   22.95
Alabalik Tava 22.95

Boneless brook trout dusted with cornmeal, pan seared, served with rice and vegetables.

Tava Somon   23.95
Tava Somon 23.95

Pan seared salmon with lemon, olive oil and dill sauce, served on a bed of sautéed spinach with rice pilaf.

Tatlilar - Desserts

firinda sutlac  8.95
firinda sutlac 8.95

Oven baked traditional Turkish rice pudding.

Kazandibi  8.95
Kazandibi 8.95

Bottom of the pan, caramelized low-fat milk pudding.

Kaymaklı Kayısı  8.95
Kaymaklı Kayısı 8.95

Poached apricots filled with clotted clams and sprinkled with pistachios.

chocolate cake 12.00
chocolate cake 12.00

Two chocolate sponge layers separated with a light mousse of bittersweet chocolate and finished with a rich chocolate glaze.

baklava   8.95
baklava 8.95

Phyllo pastry filled with walnuts, pistachio and light honey crisp.